Meet Jason Smitka

As the founder and President of Scout Financial Group, Jason keeps his team focused on helping clients achieve their retirement dreams. He began his career in the financial industry in 1998, and his many years of experience have enabled him to shape a unique approach to retirement planning.

“It’s all about goals, not investments,” Jason says. “Focusing on investments first is like picking furniture for a house you haven’t even designed blueprints for. Our clients’ goals in retirement serve as the blueprints, so we always start there. We want to be crystal clear about everything our clients want to accomplish in retirement. We want to make sure the blueprints are sound, in other words. Once we do that, then we help our clients identify the investments that will be the best fit for their unique, individual situation. Just like furniture, there is no such thing as a one size fits all investment strategy.”

Before becoming a financial advisor, Jason served in the United States Air Force. From there, he graduated college summa cum laude with a double major in business administration and management. Jason lives in Kansas City with his family of six. In his free time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, writing, yoga and surfing.