health care costs in retirement

The Best Way to Prepare for Health Care Costs in Retirement


Health care in retirement is a big expense, and it could cost you a large chunk of your retirement money. Smart planning for health care ahead of time will help you better prepare to handle these retirement expenses. Planning a budget for health care costs and enrolling in a health savings account are two ways you can be ready to handle health care costs in retirement. Read more

Benefits of Charitable Giving in Retirement

Benefits of Charitable Giving in Retirement


As you planned and saved over the years of your working life, you might have also considered those in need. By year-end, you may have made enough charitable donations to qualified organizations to also enjoy the benefits of charitable giving. You felt good by doing good.

Now that you’ve retired, you can still take advantage of many charitable giving tax benefits. Here are some of the ways to do that. Read more

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